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Monthly Bookkeeping

This is reconciliation of all accounts, monitoring of all expenses, and getting your books into alignment with GAAP. Every month you will receive a Profit and Loss Statement, and any other reports that you want to see. Want to understand your Cash Flow? Or the Aging Summary for your Accounts Receivable? All of these can be in your inbox, every month. Want to schedule a conversation about the profitability of your business, or a specific project in your business? The monthly bookkeeping package for your business will give you insights, and knowledge into your financial health!

Accounts Payable/Receivable

If you hate managing all the bills and invoices that come into and out of your business monthly, then leave it to us! We will manage, send emails, and pay bills on time. As well as send reminder emails for invoicing.

Sales Tax

Managing your business has a lot of sides to it, and sales tax is another headache. This includes calculating the sales tax due to the agency where you do business, managing any nexus, and making sure that you pay on the schedule needed.


For small businesses under 15 employees, we can service and run the payroll on a bimonthly or monthly basis. This will include proper handling of payroll taxes.

Past Books Touch Up

We will go back to whenever you need in order to get your taxes up to date, and ready for any audits that may have found you, or get you ready for the next tax season, and make sure you are ready to take all the deductions that you can! Your business books can be better, and we will help you handle that.